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Building a Solid Foundation for our Youth

The Rock.
When you walk through our doors, you will feel loved.  Our doors are open to the youth in our community to gather with each other in a safe environment, free from judgment and full of compassion.  This is a place to worship, play games, study, celebrate, play music, sing, dance and much, much more.


About Us

Our Team and Mission

We are friends, parents, teachers, business professionals, and mentors that saw a need for our youth in the community and wanted to join together to find a solution.  The Rock was conceived out of our mutual desire to make connections with kids in one central location.  A place where we could hold classes, mentor, teach them about God.  Where we could celebrate, counsel, cry, laugh, and just be there to listen without judgment.  Our goal is to do our part in making the community a better place for them, providing a solid foundation to use as a stepping stone for their bright futures.

Sat on the Rocks

Grand Opening Ceremony!

  Saturday, February 20, 2021

                  2:00  PM

We are ready for you!  The building is complete and it's time to thank all those who helped make this dream a reality.  Please come and help us celebrate!



Making A Difference



The Rock houses several different programs for our youth as well as an open area for just "hanging out".  Some of these programs include:

  •  Christian Education Class:  A high school elective classroom instruction class taught by Kathy Deal

  • Young Life:  A nondenominational youth group meeting for games, treats and worship

  • Bible Studies:  Youth, Women, Men, Couples

  • Tutoring Sessions

  • Mentoring Sessions

  • And many other uses

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Volunteer Opportunities

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge.  We are always looking for caring volunteers to help keep our facility running smoothly.  If you want to get involved, give us a call or drop us an email.  We'd love to visit with you and have you join in our mission!



It is completely built!

We are so excited to see the building now in it's entirety.  There is still much to do, but can you believe it!  After many, many start up conversations, many prayers, walks, and meetings, we have opened our doors and are conducting classes, serving coffee and starting up Youth Life.



We have been lucky to secure donations to get this project off the ground.  We have a Board of Directors in place, our Articles of Incorporation for our 501c(3) non-profit organization have been filed, we have the property secured and excavation completed.  However, a project like this takes community support and we need your help.  Any monetary gift is greatly appreciated and/or if you want to set your gift for a monthly contribution, that is okay too!  As the project progresses, we will be asking for items needed to complete the project.


He's a solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul..

Psalms 62:2

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